Digital Only Session vs General Session

What is the difference in a General Session Fee and a Digital ONLY Session Fee at Emee Photography? Well, let me explain. When you choose a General Session, you are paying a Session Fee that includes the time of the session shooting, the editing and enhancing of your images after the session, and an In-person Viewing/Ordering appointment approximately three weeks after the Session. This Session DOES NOT include any print, product, or digital. At this appointment we will go over the best purchase options for beautiful Wall Art for your home, the best print options to choose, and we can even arrange for custom framing and final installation at your home.

When you choose a Digital ONLY Session, your Session Fee is INCLUDED, a pre-determined number of High Resolution Digital images, and a few print products are included. When you choose a Digital ONLY Session, Emee is giving you full printing rights of her images to print whatever quantity and at whatever size you choose. Emee includes a few print products because it is still VERY IMPORTANT to her for you to have a few images that are fulfilled by her Print Labs. A Digital ONLY Session, MUST BE chosen upon initial Booking.

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